Frequently Asked Questions

How is this award different from other drug development grant awards?

In addition to a monetary award, award recipients receive personalised discovery and development support from Harrington Discovery Institute’s Therapeutics Development team of advisors, who are pharma-experienced industry leaders with significant experience bringing drugs to market. The award recipient also receives dedicated project management support.

How does an award recipient benefit from Harrington Discovery Institute's commercial partners?

Harrington Discovery Institute will facilitate introductions between commercial partners and the PI, when the project is ready for commercial partnerships.

What stage of development will you fund?

We typically fund projects between Target ID and clinical trials. We like to see that there is a clear starting point as that will allow for the greatest impact from our Therapeutics Development team.

What modalities are eligible?

Any therapeutics modality is eligible.

Are device, diagnostic or biomarker projects eligible?

We fund therapeutic development projects. We would only fund devices, diagnostics or biomarkers if they are in support of a drug, which is the main focus of intervention in the project.

Are you interested in a second use for a known compound?

Yes, if there is new IP associated with the indication.

Is a PhD degree sufficient for this programme?

Yes, a PI with a PhD or its equivalent, is eligible.

Are Co-Principal Investigators (PI's) allowed?

Yes, but only one applicant/Principal Investigator is recognized as the Harrington Scholar and will have responsibility for project oversight and financial management.

Are post-docs eligible to apply as the PI?

Senior post-doc’s are eligible. Applications should emphasize sources of funding, demonstrate a solid track record, and show independence/a path to independence.

If we have licensed our technology to a commercial partner, is our project eligible for funding?

No, we can only support projects in which the asset and ensuing IP are under full control of the PI or his/her institution.

Does Harrington Discovery Institute or Fund for Cures UK take any IP rights?

No, IP rights are retained by the PI or his/her institution. This is a philanthropically-supported award.

What type of costs can the award funds be applied to?

Funds can be applied to direct costs only (no institution overhead or indirect costs). They can be used for salary of the PI (up to 10% of total award amount) and collaborators in a proportionate amount to the time spent on the project. Award funds cannot be used to pay students and cannot be used for travel costs.

Can salary for other faculty members that are assisting in the project, such as junior faculty and clinical doctors, be covered?

Yes, the award may be used to cover salaries for post-docs (or junior faculty or clinical doctors) equivalent to the % effort devoted to the project.

Is it an issue if the PI is receiving grant funding from other sources?

No, there is no issue.

Will the information I send in my proposal be kept confidential?

Yes, all information received by Harrington Discovery Institute is considered confidential. If the applicant is concerned about some aspect of the review process, they may contact us here.

Can one PI submit multiple proposals for consideration?

Yes, a PI may submit multiple proposals.

Is there any limit to the number of applications our university can submit?

No, there is no limit to the number of applications one university can submit.

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