We partner with non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies and investors to strategically de-risk, advance and grow our portfolio of discoveries. 

  • Together, we can create customized programs that advance academic discoveries in areas of unmet need. 
  • Breakthrough drug discoveries are identified and sourced by our international network of premier academic medical centers.
  • Grant funding is deployed through these sponsored programs to accelerate projects through critical developmental milestones. 
  • Technologies are de-risked and advanced by our dedicated project management, pharma-industry expertise and business development support. 
  • Through our investment partners, we seek to secure early-stage funding for newly developed start-up companies. 

Contact us to learn more about partnering opportunities.


Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Centre 

There are over 7,000 known rare diseases, but fewer than 5% have effective treatments, let alone cures. The limited knowledge and consequent lack of treatments available for rare diseases is a major medical and pediatric emergency. 

Rare diseases are collectively common: 

  • One in seventeen people are affected by a rare disease (over 350 million people worldwide)
  • The majority of rare diseases affect children, and sadly, 30% of rare disease patients die before their fifth birthday.

The Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Centre will focus efforts on finding treatments and cures for rare diseases that fit within the following criteria: 

  • Affect mainly children and have a genetic basis
  • Potential of treatments to impact multiple diseases
  • Thematic priority based on urgency and potential for impact (Neurological Rare Disease, Developmental Rare Diseases, Rare Cancers) 


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